Teenage den

Teenage den

A place to relax, make friends and precious memories

Catering for the older children, our Teenage Den is the perfect space to hang out with friends, play on consoles, or enjoy a solo movie. Kitted out with floor cushions, reclining chairs, and lots of techy gadgets, the Den is guaranteed to impress the most discerning teenager.

The Therapeutic Play Area acts as a base to deliver therapeutic and emotional support sessions for children, siblings, and parents in a safe, calm environment.

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“Having a teen den would be amazing, a place to relax and chill somewhere out of the house, where I could play games against other people at The Centre at the time, at home I can’t because my brother can’t play the games with me. The teen den would allow me to relax and enjoy my stay, make new friends and new memories.”

Sibling supported by Charlie House

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